Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Cold Winter Day, 1.13

First things first...We are truly blessed to have the means to set a pretty table and invite our friends to join us for good food and fellowship. I am mindful that many are not so fortunate. My daughter has a passion for the work of the Food Bank. As a singer-songwriter, she has written and recorded a song that is the anthem for the world wide Crop Hunger Walk project. Her song, "Raise Your Voice" is featured in their video. I've included a link in the side margin of my blog. I hope that it will encourage you to support projects in your community that contribute to the effort to overcome hunger.

Out here on the prairie, cold winter days have been few and far between this winter, and snow has been only a memory of years past.  This past week we've flirted with 60º temperatures, but several weeks ago, winter did make a brief appearance.  That day, while thinking of times spent in Aspen and Vail, I decided that the laid back style of Colorado mountain living would direct my contribution to Cuisine Kathleen's Snow-Ice-Winter Challenge.  My friend Kathy was bringing take-out for lunch...a selection of hearty soups and a bottle of wine...my kind of party!

You already knew that we'd be dining at the games table in the living room. 

 The Williams-Sonoma Stewart Plaid Tablecloth, an eBay purchase set just the right tone.

 This was one of my 30 minute tables...I grabbed what was close and easy to get on the table.  The green napkins had been recently laundered and ironed, and I hadn't even put them away after storing all the Christmas decorations.

 I seated Kathy on the left, with a view of the crackling fireplace...perfect for a cold winter day.

I was tempted to figure out how to build a small fire in the humongus antique copper chaffing dish.  Probably better suited for the back porch, so I chose to be conservative...and safe.

Flanking the copper chaffing dish are a terra cotta wine brick... 
and my tried and true Antique Barley Twist candlesticks.  Today, I inserted the pegged, quilted votive cups that belonged to our dear Nana.
The Wedgwood Queens Plain Dinner Plate is 11 1/8", and it works well as a charger with many smaller dinner plates.  I bought these through Replacements, and they are actually quite reasonable at $9.99 each. Tip:  Always check Replacements before you buy dishes on eBay.  Sometimes the reasonable shipping prices at Replacements make them very competitive with eBay sellers, especially if you are ordering multiples of an item.

To continue the color story of the Stewart Plaid, I chose the small ruby flash dinner plate, picked up at few at a time at estate sales over the past few years. 

Topping the stack is the Churchill Pink Willow Soup Mug, found at Tuesday Morning.  The Towle Antique Bead stainless flatware is our everyday pattern.  I've had the Green Colony goblets for many years, and the unmarked Black Amethyst Goblets were an eBay find.

No time to make hot bread, but I've always said that there's nothing better than a crisp fresh Premium Saltine Cracker with soft, creamy butter.  I adore this little  Copeland Spode Tower Pink split dish.  It originally belonged to my mother-in-love.

The Williams-Sonoma Green Pitcher was a hostess gift for a wedding shower that I hosted a number of years ago.  It's a great piece. 

 I'm all set and ready for Kathy to walk through the front door.

Let me know if you're traveling my way.  I'd love to spend an afternoon at the table getting to know you better.  This will be your seat!

Wednesday is the 44th edition of Cuisine Kathleen's meme, "LET'S DISH".  I look forward to seeing all the interpretations of her Snow-Ice-Winter Challenge!  I'm excited to be a charter member.  Pop over (pun intended for the Chef Supreme Kathleen) and join the fun!

Lots of great ideas to be gathered when you visit Yvonne at Stone Gable forTUTORIALS, TIPS, & TIDBITS.  Don't waste another moment...hurry on over!  
Thank you, yet again, to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting her magical meme, Tablescape Thursday.  I'll be linking my post to "BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH."   Hop on over and check out the myriad of marvelous tablescape designs, after 10:00 AM on Thursdays.  You'll be glad that you made the trip...it's a wonderful adventure.

I always enjoy January for the expectations that it doesn't bring each year.  How about you?  With thankfulness for her dedication and efforts (even in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy), I'm joining the multi-talented Tablescaper for her fabulous memeSEASONAL SUNDAYS.  Hope to see you there! 

You can check out KC's music at www.kcclifford.com, on iTunes, and on YouTube.  I hope that you'll take a few minutes and give her a listen.  You'll also enjoy reading back through her blog on this site.  The girl can really write!  Her latest CD is called "The Tag Hollow Sessions""  It is available on iTunes or through her website.  I hope that you'll give her music a chance.  I know that I have zero objectivity where she is concerned, but I think that you'll fall in love with her music and her!             

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