Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cindy"s Birthday Party, June, 2014

"First things first...We are truly blessed to have the means to set a pretty table and invite our friends to join us for good food and fellowship. I am mindful that many are not so fortunate. My daughter has a passion for the work of the Food Bank. As a singer-songwriter, she has written and recorded a song that is the anthem for the world wide Crop Hunger Walk project. Her song, "Raise Your Voice" is featured in their video. I've included a link in the side margin of my blog. I hope that it will encourage you to support projects in your community that contribute to the effort to overcome hunger.

My dear friend Cindy celebrated her birthday in June.  Five of us gathered to celebrate her special day at the games table in the living room.  Come...join us!

Cindy likes high color, so....

 I decided to push the envelope with reds and oranges on black and white!  Red and orange are cousins, right?

 My centerpieces usually follow my design philosophy called "mini-max"...

Minimum effort...

 ...for maximum effect!

Yet again, I've turned to a piece in my collection of tureens.  This time I'm utilizing the Rosenthal San Soucci.  The grocery store flowers are set in black tole jardinieres found at Hobby Lobby.  I not only used them for my recent 50th high school reunion, but I plan to employ them again for another of my luncheons for my sorority sisters in mid-October.

 Ready for some details?

 The Caspari rattan charger has been languishing in the cabinet for quite awhile.  I decided to put it to work for my early summer occasion.  It lends a relaxed air to the table.

 Lunch will be served on the Wedgwood Countryware dinner plate.

The flatware is L'Argent Sophia, collected over time from Horchow and Tuesday Morning.

The Waverly beaded napkin ring, from Cuisine Kathleen, surrounds a Pottery Barn white linen hemstitched napkin.

Picking up on the colors of the floral arrangements, I chose the Waterford Simply Red goblet and the Bohemian orange wine.

Ready, set, done!

 Each of the floral arrangements is placed in a clear glass container inside of the tole jardiniere.  After we completed our party, I sent a bouquet of flowers home with each of my guests as a party favor.

I continue to relish entertaining my precious friends in our home.  I love that we can enjoy a relaxing environment with each other sans extraneous noises and interruptions that by necessity occur in a restaurant.  Chez Entertaining Women would love to set a place for you at the table some day.  Are you headed my way?  Just let me know in time to set a table!

This week I'm joining:

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