Saturday, April 21, 2018

Cast Iron Friends Birthday Party, February, 2018

A week or so before Guyanne's birthday party, I was blessed to host a birthday celebration for Becky, another vital link in my circle of lifetime friends. Like so many of us, Becky was the bride of a Vietnam soldier, a pilot, and she owns an amazing story from that era. Bill was stationed in Thailand during the war, and, she was allowed to travel to  live with him. But of course, there was the proverbial catch.  Shortly after they found their home and established their household, Bill received a new set of orders sending him to be stationed in Vietnam. Now they were not living on a base, at this time, so Becky found herself, at all of twenty - four years old, living on her own in a strange, to her, Asian country. She found a job teaching English to Thai employees who worked for the Air Force. Talk about the heart of an adventurer! She Rah lives.  Becky was there alone for ten months before returning to the United States. During her time there, she became quite fond of Asian art and design. As a nod to Becky's Great Adventure and very difficult year, I chose to design her birthday table with an Oriental focus.  Might you be wondering why such a luncheon would include cast iron? Well...that's another part of the party plan. The guests were told to dress comfy and casual on this cold winter day. We're dining in the breakfast room.  Come on in and join us...

My guests were greeted by the Ladies of the Court, antique figurines acquired at an estate sale.  Although there were additional plates during our meal, I can never bear to cover up... Aunt Ida's antique Imari chargers.  She bought them while she was stationed as a WAC major, intelligence officer, in post-war Tokyo at the end of World War II.  They were antiques when she acquired them in 1946, and I am their shepherd for my generation.  It is always a treat to share them with friends for smaller occasions; I only have six of the plates. I continually search for more...maybe some day.

Other pieces which were pressed into service for our celebration included...

The Royal Copenhagen Gold Fan dinner plate,

and the Gorham Royal Regalia Teal salad plate, (Part of a service that a friend asked me to take. It was her daughter's wedding china, and the young lady decided that she wasn't ever going to use it.  My friend was downsizing.) ...

...were joined by the pair of Venetian Gold Flecked goblets. 

A quartet of plump turquoise vases held mixed bouquets...

... and joined the foursome of antique Ladies of the Court to surround a brass Oriental Incense Burner for today's centerpiece. 

Wait just a minute!  What in the world does Cast Iron have to do with this whole shindig? Well, okay...

Becky, Guyanne, and I love to lunch at a local restaurant that features an amazing individual chicken pot pie, served in a cast iron skillet. It's so good, it's necessary to call and reserve one because the pies sell out so quickly!  Guyanne and I met with the owner of the restaurant, and she kindly agreed to prepare the pot pies for our luncheon.  We also gave Becky her own set of cast iron skillets as a birthday gift!  It was all great...especially the pot pies. We're planning lunch at Becky's soon. She's preparing Chicken Pot Pies in her new mini skillets.

Pot pies, green salad, Mimosas, and birthday cake made a well-received menu.  We didn't leave the table until everyone had to get home to put dinner on their own tables.  It was a comfy and loving celebration for a precious friend.

Precious friends, shared histories and stories, a no-brainer menu, making new birthday memories as we grow older together...What are you waiting for? There are celebrations to commemorate!  Don't waste another minute.  At the end of the day, you'll be really tired and completely content!  Call your friends!  And if you're passing my way out here on the prairie, give me a call, and I'll create a table just for you. I'd love for you to be a part of my history, and I'd love to be a part of yours. We have stories to share!

This week I'm joining:

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