Thursday, May 3, 2018

Announcing a GIVE-AWAY for My 8th Blogiversary!!!

Several weeks ago I was blessed to gather a few close friends around the games table in the living room for an easy going luncheon. I call it one of my dine and dash renditions because I think we all have those times when everyone is running in a thousand different directions. Still, it's nice to stop for even a short respite to have a bite to eat and spend some time, however brief, with your favorite people. This was one of those days. Lunch consisted of chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, and broccoli salad, all served on the kitchen counter from their refrigerator storage containers. Regardless, it was a precious time filled with cherished moments, and sometimes that's the most we can ask. We're about to grab our plates and head into the kitchen.  I'll grab another 
place setting just for you, so please, you're invited to come on in and join us at the table. I hope you're plenty hungry!!

The centerpiece consisted of one of my favorite jardinieres and flowers left over from a luncheon earlier in the week.  Centerpiece...check. As so often happens, I was in the mood for something blue and white...

The Williams-Sonoma Sofia dinner plate perched happily on my Anna Weatherly cobalt charger.

The Williams Sonoma Sofia Boat luncheon/salad plate was made available for anyone who cared for it was a yummy slice of coconut cake.

Many of you are no stranger to my Pier One pearlized pink goblets. Today they were the perfect choice for Nana's pink and white Madeira placemat and napkin. The L'Argent Sofia cobalt flatware (no relation to the dinnerware) completed the place setting.

And especially short and sweet for me, that's the complete setting for today.  But wait!  You didn't really think that I was going to fade away that quickly, now did you? Come on now!  So here's the deal...On July, 7, 2018, I'll celebrate my 8th Blogiversary!  It doesn't seem possible!  I published my first post on July 7, 2010. I've so enjoyed sharing my tablescapes with you, and have come to think of many of you as dear friends. You need to know that I'm serious each time I invite you to come sit at my table. Because it is my blogiversary, I want to celebrate with you by announcing an Entertaining Women give-away!! During the week of July 7, 2018, I'll announce the winner of a set of 12 Williams Sonoma Sofia dinner and luncheon/salad plates, as seen in this week's post. Everyone who leaves a comment on my posts between now and July 7, 2018, will be entered to win the set of dinnerware. If you want to earn additional opportunities to win the set of Sofia, you could also take a stroll back through my archives and leave a comment each time you visit an older post. I hope that I'll be hearing from you!

This week I'm joining:

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