Monday, October 28, 2019

All Is Not Well

This trip has not been the usual carefree experience in which my biggest problem is dealing with an overcrowded Metrobus.  I intimated in one of my first posts from this trip that Alejandro's father was not feeling well.  He had no appetite and was unable to keep food down.  When that situation continued for three days Alejandro became very worried.  He feared that his father was suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis, which is a very serious condition.  He didn't go with me to the Alebrije Parade, but instead took his dad to the doctor that day.  The doctor said that it was a kidney infection that had spread to his stomach.  Certainly not good, but we sighed a sigh of relief that it wasn't ketoacidosis.  His father began a course of antibiotics, and we expected him to get better.  However, his condition did not improve.  Last Wednesday, Alejandro took him to the hospital.  The diagnosis had been correct, but the antibiotic had not been strong enough.  He is still in the hospital, but fortunately, with the stronger medication his condition is improving, and he is now eating well.  

Alejandro and his sister have been taking turns, spending 24 hours a day with their dad at the hospital.  Obviously it is very stressful for them.  I have been trying to help out by cooking so that there is always something at the house for them to eat.  I have been going back and forth... spending a couple nights at the apartment I rent, and then spending a couple of nights at Alejandro's house.  So, it has been a bit stressful for me too.

 I hope that their father will soon be well enough to go home.

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