Sunday, October 27, 2019

Easy Shopping

The Day of the Dead Parade will be held on November 2nd.  If we attend the parade we will have to stake a claim along the route several hours ahead of time.  I really do not relish the thought of standing all that time.  Before I left for Mexico, I was searching for portable camping stools.  I found some, but they were just a bit too big to fit in my carry-on luggage.  Alejandro had said that I should be able to find some down here in Mexico City in a sporting goods stores.

In Mexico City's historic center, stores of one kind are often grouped together on one street.  I searched Google Maps and found about a dozen sporting goods shops along one block of Venustiano Carranza Street, just two streets south of the touristic heart of the "Centro Histórico".  So last Wednesday I took the Metrobus downtown.  As soon as I turned the corner onto Carranza Street I saw a store with camping tents on display in front.

I went inside.  A very attentive clerk (who even spoke English) waited on me and quickly found what I needed.  I now have two portable camping stools.

Heading back to the apartment I walked down Juárez Avenue and past the Monument to the Revolution to catch the Route One Metrobus down Insurgentes Avenue.  On the plaza beyond the Monument there were stalls set up selling handicrafts.  It's hard for me to pass up handicrafts.  I ended up buying a couple Day of the Dead decorations to put in the apartment.  I bought a colorful skull from this lady who paints all the items herself.


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