Tuesday, October 29, 2019

More Marigolds

Last weekend I again passed through Reforma 222, a large shopping mall, and there were a couple more reminders that Day of the Dead is on its way.

As I have written before, the marigold (or the "cempasúchil" as it is known in Mexico) is the traditional flower for the Day of the Dead.  This stand, which apparently was set up the city government's department of the environment, was selling potted marigold plants for 25 pesos (about $1.50 US).  The sign says, "Planting tradition, planting marigolds".

Just beyond that, at the entrance to the mall was this holiday display put up by Nike with their "swoosh" emblem done in marigolds.

However, whoever at Nike designed this display was probably not Mexican.  The circle of letters says, "Dia de los Muertos".  That is a direct translation of what we say in English... Day of the Dead.  But the Mexican call it "Día de Muertos", without the "los".

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