Sunday, October 20, 2019

Open Already!

If you have read my blog for awhile, you know that "El Cardenal", a Mexico City chain of restaurants specializing in traditional Mexican cuisine, is one of my favorite places to eat.  You may also recall that I have been very excited that a branch of "El Cardenal" is going to open in a small shopping mall just down the street from the apartment that I rent.  I had to go back and look through my old posts to determine how long ago it was that I first wrote about seeing the sign saying that "El Cardenal" was coming soon.  It was exactly two years ago today, October 20, 2017, and I am still waiting for the grand opening.

Earlier this year I could see through the windows that the kitchen was taking shape.  I really hoped that it would be open by the time my cousin and her friend come to visit in November.  I passed by the still-not-open restaurant the other day.  Not only did the kitchen look complete, but there was staff inside.  Through the window I asked one of them when the restaurant would open. He raised one finger.  "One week?" I asked.  "No," he said. "One month."  

I then looked through the glass doors that will be the entrance to the restaurant.

I doubt that they will be open in a month. 

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