Monday, October 28, 2019

Snap, Snap

I spent Thursday and Friday nights at Alejandro's house trying to be of some help while Alejandro and his sister took turns spending time at the hospital with their father.  I did some grocery shopping, and prepared a big bowl of potato salad with chunks of ham so that they would not have to cook.  

On Friday evening Alejandro's sister spent the night at the hospital, so it was Alejandro, his nine-year-old nephew Ezra and I at the house.  Alejandro suggested that we all go to the movie theater.   The new cartoon version of "The Addams Family" (known in Spanish as "Los Locos Addams") had just premiered down here the day before. 

(Image taken from the web)

Ezra had never seen any of the previous versions, and did not at first seem that interested in going.  However once the movie started he enjoyed it.  I was disappointed that at the opening of the film they did not play the catchy theme song that we know from the original TV series.  But the tune appeared later in the movie and during the closing credits.  The three of us were snapping our fingers to the song.  (Well, Ezra was attempting to snap his fingers.)  We were humming and snapping all the home from the movie theater... and Ezra was still singing it the next day.  It was a welcome bit of levity after the stress that the family has been under.

Is there anyone out there who does not know that clever song or the marvelous cast of the original Sixties series?   If so... or if you just yearn for a little nostalgia... click HERE!

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