Sunday, November 10, 2019

A New "Mole"

On Friday after visiting the Anthropology Museum, I had dinner at one of the branches of "El Bajío", a chain of restaurants that specialize in traditional Mexican cuisine.  The food there is usually quite good.

The waiter told me the specials for the day which included "mole Xico" (a sauce which comes from the town in Xico in the state of Veracruz).  He was surprised when I told him that I had been to Xico and had the "mole" there.  He went on to describe another "mole" called "tlatonile" which also comes from the state of Veracruz.  That was one that I had never heard of.  The waiter said that it is made with a rare variety of wild peppers called "comapeños" that grow in the cloud forests of the mountains of Veracruz.  It is only when the restaurant gets a supply of "comapeños" that the restaurant offers "tlatonile" on the menu. 

He suggested that the chef could make up a special dish with two pieces of chicken breast with "mole Xico" on one piece and "tlatonile" on the other.  I went along with his suggestion.

The dark "mole" to the left is "mole Xico".  It is similar to other "moles", but unlike the rather spicy Oaxacan black "mole" that I had a few days ago, this was quite mild.  The orange "mole" to the right is "tlatonile".  It too is very mild.  They were both very good, but "tlatonile" was especially good and had a unique flavor.  After finishing the chicken breasts, I had to sop up the remaining "mole" with the freshly made tortillas that were served with the dinner.

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