Monday, November 11, 2019

A Return Visit

On Sunday Alejandro took a much needed break from taking care of his father and spent the day with me.  We went to the Centro Histórico where he wanted to see the wonderful exhibit on Mexican folk art which I wrote about earlier on this blog.  

After spending a couple hours here, he was of the same opinion as I, that this is one of the best exhibits to be held here at the historic colonial mansion known as Iturbide's Palace.

Here are a few more photos of items in the show.  (With the thousands of items of folk art on display I could fill dozens of blog entries with photos and still not show it all!)

A superbly executed replica of an ancient Mayan carving done on a large slab of limestone.  The stone carver works at the Hacienda Ochil in Yucatán.  I  have been to Ochil numerous times.  I have seen his workshop, and in fact I think that I have seen this piece.

There is a large section of textiles which I did not mention in my previous post.

 One room is filled with traditional women's attire from different regions of Mexico.  These dresses are all hand-embroidered.  The two at the front are from Yucatán.

This hand-embroidered tablecloth is from the state of Hidalgo.

Would you believe that this intricate piece is created out of feathers?  Feather work is an art form that goes back to pre-Hispanic times.

A small portion of a large display of Mexican pottery.

Handcrafted wooden toys, such as this bus filled with passengers, are whimsical works of art.

I will not mind returning yet again to this exhibit in a couple days when I take my guests here.  I am sure that they will be blown away by the beauty and variety of Mexican folk art.

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