Friday, November 15, 2019

At the Museum

Our itinerary for yesterday centered around a visit to the National Museum of Anthropology. 

Before setting off, we had breakfast at a nearby branch of "El Bajío", a chain of restaurants specializing in Mexican food.  Their breakfasts are extremely hearty.  We were all very pleased with the food.  

Notice that we were given bibs to keep the salsas off of our clothes.

An old Mexican adage says, "Full belly, happy heart".  Well, we definitely left the restaurant with a happy heart.

We then took the Metrobus to the Anthropology Museum, the world's greatest collection of artifacts from pre-Hispanic Mexico.

Gail and Annette posing in front of the fountain in the museum courtyard

Posing by one of the enormous stone heads carved by the Olmecs, Mexico's oldest civilization.

I have written many blog entries about this impressive museum.  I will simply say that Gail and Annette both enjoyed their relatively short (perhaps three hours) tour.  It was probably especially interesting for Annette since she studied anthropology in college and considered a career as an archaeologist. 

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