Monday, November 4, 2019

Doing Vegetarian

Although at home I do not eat much meat, especially red meat, I am not a vegetarian.  And I am most definitely not a vegetarian when I travel.  I have eaten plenty of schnitzel in Austria, Serrano ham in Spain, and "tacos al pastor" here in Mexico City.   However, last week I went to a vegetarian restaurant in the Roma Norte neighborhood called La Pitahaya.  The restaurant gets excellent reviews even from non-vegetarians, so I thought that I would give it a try.

The place is very tiny with a few tables on the sidewalk and a few more tables in the small interior space.  I had to wait perhaps twenty minutes on a bench on the street.

To start I had cream of mushroom soup, and to drink I had "jamaica", a typical beverage made from hibiscus flowers.  It one of my favorite "aguas de sabor"... flavored water drinks. The "jamaica" here was especially good since it also had ginger and agave syrup instead of sugar.

For my main course I had a vegetarian "mole" served with rice and mash plantains.  It was very good.

The food was worth the wait and the cramped space.  If it were closer to my apartment, or in a part of town that I visit frequently, I would return.  However, it will probably be a one time visit for a dining change of pace.

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