Friday, November 8, 2019

Oaxaca Here

I returned from my trip to check out Terminal 2 of the airport, and the end of the line for the airport Metrobus is at the Buenavista station.  That is just across Insurgentes Avenue from the neighborhood  of Santa María la Ribera.  Santa María went from being a very affluent district in the early 20th century to a rundown and dangerous area after the 1985 earthquake.  Now it is slowly gentrifying and emerging as an interesting place to visit.  There are a couple of restaurants that I wanted to check out there, so after getting off the Metrobus I walked a couple blocks to eat at one of them.  

The restaurant is a little hole-in-the-wall facing the pretty neighborhood plaza.  It is called "OaxacAquí" (Oaxaca Here).  Obviously, it specializes in the dishes of Oaxaca... a state renowned for it cuisine and it many varieties of "mole". 

To drink I ordered hot chocolate.  Oaxaca is known for its chocolate, and this was excellent.  "Swiss Miss", eat your heart out!

I started with a very tasty "sopa de frijol", black bean soup.

My main course was enchiladas in black "mole".  Of the many varieties of Oaxacan "moles", this is considered the King of "Moles".  (For those who are not familiar with Mexican cuisine, a "mole" is a complex sauce with a large variety of ingredients.)  This "mole" was probably too spicy for some people's palates, but it was very good.

This wonderful meal cost me 141 pesos... about seven dollars.   I would say that I would definitely return here the next time I am in Santa María la Ribera, except that there are a couple of other restaurants that I want to try in this neighborhood.

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