Thursday, November 21, 2019

Part Way Home

As I write this I am sitting in Houston Airport waiting for my flight home to Cleveland.

Alejandro drove me to Mexico City International Airport early this morning.  Because I used my frequent flyer miles for the flight, I had upgraded to business class.  The flight, however, started less than pleasantly.  I had in front of me one of those obnoxious passengers that you read about.  He had his seat reclined before take off.  I had dropped my book on the floor, and, in spite of the extra leg room, it was difficult for me to bend down to pick it up because of his reclined seat.  I asked him (in a perfectly pleasant, polite voice, I thought) if he would put his seat up. "Why?" he said gruffly.  I said, "Your seat is supposed to be upright for take off."  (My voice might have now been a bit less pleasant.)  "We aren't taking yet," he said.  While trying to pick up my book, my head pushed against his seat. "Stop pushing!" he growled.  He pushed back in his seat against my head.  "Please.  You're hitting my head!" I said.  At the end of the flight he quickly was up out of his seat and was the first in the aisle.  He looked back at me glowering, and i returned his stare. 

Oh well, other than that, the flight was fine and went quickly.  (It is a shorter flight from Mexico City to Houston than it is from Houston to Cleveland.) 

The sky in Mexico City was quite hazy (smoggy), so the nearby volcanoes were not visible.  Mexico City Airport is at capacity, and as usual, we had to wait a while for our turn to take off.

Looking down on the sprawling metropolis when we were in the air...

Just outside of the city, I could see below the unfinished new airport that was supposed to be built.

Because of rampant corruption and environmental concerns, the construction was halted by the new President.

I settled down and read my book, and before long the barrier islands off the coast of Texas were visible...

And then we made our final approach to Houston Airport.

In a few hours I will be home again.

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