Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Their First Taste of Mexico City

My cousin Gail (whom you have met previously from our trip to Switzerland this past summer) and her college friend Annette arrived today for a short visit to Mexico City.  Annette lives in New York City and flew in on a direct flight from JFK.  My cousin flew from Cleveland by way of Atlanta.  Both of them have traveled extensively, but neither of them have ever been in Mexico City. 

I was worried about Gail's flight because Mother Nature decided to pick this day for our first northern Ohio snow storm.  Fortunately the weather was not as severe as it was in Chicago where many flights were canceled.  Her flight left about a half hour late, but her layover in Atlanta was long enough that she had no problem in making her connecting flight to Mexico City.

Both Gail and Annette flew on Delta, and arrived at Terminal 2 of the Mexico City airport.  I took the Metrobus to the terminal and waited for them.

Annette's flight arrived first, and Gail's followed about an hour later.  We took a taxi to the hotel where they are staying.   Conveniently it is located just a few doors away from my apartment.  I gave them some time to settle into their rooms, and then we went out for their first meal in Mexico City.  

There is much more to Mexican cuisine than tacos, but "taquerías" are ubiquitous, so we had to go out to a taco joint at least once on their trip.  We walked a couple of blocks to a branch of the well-known taco chain called "El Huequito".  

Annette ordered a bowl of Aztec soup and a "taco al pastor", perhaps the most typical of Mexico City tacos.  Annette likes spicy food, so she enjoyed trying out the salsas, even the hottest ones.

Gail ordered an "alambre", a plate of grilled meat with onions, peppers and bacon, and served with homemade corn tortillas.  I don't think that Gail is a big fan of extremely spicy food, but she was not adverse to trying out some of the milder salsas.

They both enjoyed their first meal in Mexico City, and they were both surprised by how inexpensive it was... especially Annette who is used to New York City prices.  In fact, many Mexicans would consider "El Huequito" rather expensive for a taco joint, but none of us paid more than $10 U.S. for our supper.

They both were very happy with their first evening in Mexico City.

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