Thursday, January 30, 2020

A Trip to the Bakery

In Mexico the afternoon dinner is the main meal of the day.  Supper is usually a late and light meal.  At Alejandro's house supper usually consists of some "pan dulce" (pastry) and a mug of hot milk with some instant coffee or powdered chocolate.  So when I am staying at Alejandro's house, he and I usually make an evening trip to the bakery, usually to "Azteca", which is a short walk from his house.

After walking through the turnstile, you pick up a metal tray and a pair of tongs, and pick out what you want.

I have read that Mexico has more kinds of bread and pastry than any other country in the world.  Even in a relatively small bakery such as this there is a huge variety from which to chose.

Many of the names of the breads and pastries are imaginative.  In the photo above I can make out signs that translate as "wrapped child", "Berlin balls", and "ring of St. Isadore."  Other common types of "pan dulce" include "conchas" (shells), "colchones" (cushions), "bigotes" (mustaches), and "ojos de buey" (ox eyes).  In addition to the pastries, Alejandro always gets some "bolillos", the crusty on the outside, soft on the inside rolls that are a shorter version of the French baguette.

After making his selections, Alejandro then takes the tray to the counter where an employee puts the bread and pastries in a bag and rings up the price.  He then takes the slip to a window at the exit where he pays for his purchase.

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