Friday, January 31, 2020

A Work in Progress

For a while I have been watching the construction of an impressive, new, high-rise office building on Patriotismo Avenue, just beyond the borders of Colonia Nápoles, the neighborhood where I stay.  A couple trips ago I noticed signs at the site saying "Suspensión"... the government had suspended construction due to some violation.  A couple days ago I walked by the site. The signs are gone, and work on the project has resumed.  

The exterior of the building appears to have been completed.  

The X formation of the beams is supposed to provide buildings with better resilience to earthquakes.  I see them being used a lot down here.

Gardens, including rose bushes, have already been planted around the building.  A gardener was out there trimming and watering.

I could see through the ground floor windows however that the interior has a long, long way to go.  The inside appears to be just empty space. There were piles of construction materials within, and construction workers were outside the rear entrance on their lunch break. 

Before they start renting to tenants they better hire some window washers to clean the accumulated grime off of the windows. 😀

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