Friday, January 24, 2020

Asian Fare

As I was walking around the Condesa neighborhood on Wednesday, I was struck by the number of Asian restaurants that have recently opened.  I decided that I would try one of them out for a change of pace.

I ate at a little place called "Nam" which, in spite of it name, served more than just Vietnamese cuisine.  The menu features dishes from a number of Asian countries.

I started with kimchi, a famous Korean dish of fermented cabbage.  I tried kimchi many years ago, and I liked it.  Perhaps this was more authentic.  The flavor was much stronger, and I really didn't care for it.  I was glad that it was a small serving.

For my main course I had green curry from Thailand.  This was much tastier, and I wish that the serving had been larger.

Along with a dessert of mango mousse (not that great) and a pot of green tea, my bill came to about $17 U.S.  Given the small portions, I thought that it was a bit expensive for Mexico.  In my opinion, the place does not merit a return visit.  

My favorite Asian place down here is still a little stall in a food court not far from my apartment that serves very tasty Pad Thai.  

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