Friday, January 10, 2020

Back at the Condo... and Out to Eat

Yesterday afternoon I left Alejandro's house and went to the condo that I rent.  It's in the neighborhood of Nápoles, just a block away from the Mexico City World Trade Center.

In yesterday's post I wrote about the chilly weather here.  Although Alejandro's house still felt like an ice box that morning, the cold front appears to have moved on.  By the time I reached the condo the bright sunshine had warmed things up to the mid-seventies.  There were a lot of people on the street still wearing jackets or sweaters, but I went out to run errands wearing a tee-shirt.  At night the lows are still going to be in the 40s, but I will be delighted if we continue to have warm, sunny afternoons such as we had yesterday. 

After running some errands, I went to Google Maps looking for someplace new to eat.  I found a place that had good reviews, and it was located about a twelve minute walk away in the adjacent neighborhood of Colonia del Valle.

The restaurant is called "La Casa de La Yeya".  (I had no idea what "Yeya" means. I asked my waitress, and she told me that it is a nickname for Guillermina... Wilhelmina.)  

The sign says "Comida Casera Mexicana"... Mexican home cooking.  And that is exactly what they serve, nothing fancy, nothing gourmet, just good home cooking.

The pleasant weather inspired me to take a table outside on the sidewalk.

I started with a very good tortilla soup.  The plate of garnishes served on the side had cheese, avocado, chicharrón (pork rind) and dried chile peppers.

For my main course I had "tinga de pollo", a dish made of shredded chicken and onions in tomato sauce. It was accompanied by frijoles and rice.  The "tinga" was a bit lacking in taste, but by spooning some salsa and putting into the excellent, home-made tortillas, it made yummy tacos.

I didn't notice at first, but in the fenced in garden and pond next to my table there were dozens of turtles.

Along the street in front of the restaurant there is this pretty trellis with flowers and birdhouses.

The service was friendly, the food was good, the atmosphere was pleasant, and the price was reasonable (just under $12 US)… and it's close to my apartment.  I will definitely return to "La Casa de La Yeya".  

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