Friday, January 17, 2020

Cheap Spanish Food

Yesterday afternoon after visiting the city hall, I went to another place on my list of restaurants to try.  "Don Toribio" is a Spanish restaurant (the cuisine of Spain is very different from that of Mexico) located on the third floor of a building on Bolivar Avenue in the heart of the historic center of the city.

It's not a fancy place, although the location of my table near a balcony overlooking the street was very pleasant.

Included with the meal was an entire carafe of "agua fresca" - flavored water.  The flavor of the day was a very refreshing guava.

As an appetizer I ordered Serrano ham croquettes, one of my favorite tapas from Spain.

Honestly they were not that good... certainly not as good as what I have had in Spain.  They were slathered with mayonnaise, and there was not much ham flavor.

Next, I had lentil soup... not bad, but nothing extraordinary.

For my main course I had lemon chicken... a leg and thigh covered in a lemony sauce with onions, olives and roasted potatoes.  Again, not bad, but nothing special.

The bill came to the equivalent of just over $6 U.S., a very inexpensive price considering the amount of food.   I would recommend the place if you are on a budget, but don't expect gourmet Spanish cooking.

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