Saturday, January 11, 2020

Good Food, Long Wait

You might remember from my previous trip to Mexico City, that after a wait of two years, a branch of one of my favorite restaurants, El Cardenal, finally opened its doors two days before my departure.  On opening day I was there for breakfast, and I had to wait awhile for a table.

Yesterday was my first morning back at the apartment, and I couldn't resist returning to "El Cardenal" for breakfast.  It opens at eight.  When I arrived at 8:20 there was already a large number of people waiting.  I gave the lady at the front desk my name.  More and more people arrived, and the entrance area was jammed.  The restaurant is located right across the street from the Mexico City World Trade Center.  Many of those who were waiting were businesspeople wearing ID tags for some sort of conference being held there.  

Hardly anyone was being called to be seated.  After a half hour wait I was about ready to go somewhere else.  Then the logjam seemed to break, and names were being called,  I was finally escorted to a table.  

As on my previous visit, a gentleman with a pitcher was quickly there to offer me hot chocolate.  Another fellow was there with a tray of home-baked breads and sweet rolls, and still another came with a small bowl of "natas" (a dairy product similar to whipped cream) to put on my sweet roll.

For my main course I ordered "enchiladas michoacanas"... Michoacán style enchiladas.

In this recipe from the state of Michoacán, the corn tortillas are rolled around a filling of shredded chicken and covered with a very tasty, dark "mole" that is slightly sweet and not at all spicy hot.  It is then garnished with crumbled "cotija" cheese, onions and radishes.

It was a very good breakfast, but the next time I go there I will endeavor to get there as soon as they open at 8:00.  

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