Monday, January 27, 2020

Happy Year of the Rat

Saturday marked the Chinese New Year, and the beginning of a new cycle of the Chinese zodiac with the Year of the Rat.  The Year of the Rat is supposed to be auspicious year filled with positive change.  (If you have read my occasional political rants, you know what change I am hoping for this year.)

On Thursday I went to Mexico City's tiny "Barrio Chino" (Chinatown) where the celebration was underway.

Just across the street from the Alameda park downtown, a Chinese gate invites visitors to continue down Dolores Street to the few blocks that comprise the Barrio Chino.

There was a crowded street market with stands selling gaudy trinkets.

Most of the stands were selling figurines of rats, although some of the rats looked more like Mickey Mouse.

There was lots of Chinese street food.  I suspect it was as authentic as what is passed off as Chinese food in the United States.

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