Thursday, January 9, 2020

Hungarian in Mexico

As I have mentioned on previous occasions, when I am at Alejandro's house I usually do a bit of cooking to give Alejandro and his sister a break from preparing meals for the family.

Before I had left for Mexico, I found an easy recipe for paprikash sauce that I thought might be something different to serve them.  I tried it out at home.  A native Hungarian might turn his nose up at it, but I thought that it came out quite well.  So, I took the recipe with me, and, unsure of how available paprika is down here, I packed a small container of it in my suitcase.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket and bought the other ingredients, and then I started cooking.

The recipe calls for chopped bell peppers, but since Alejandro's nephew Ezra does not like bell peppers, I put in mushrooms instead.  (Ezra does like mushrooms.)  I know that genuine chicken paprikash is served with whole pieces of chicken.  But I made it easier and simply bought a package of cooked, shredded chicken breast and added it to the sauce.  Also at the supermarket I could not find egg noodles, so I served the paprikash over pasta.

After Ezra came home from school we had our afternoon dinner.  They really liked my version of chicken paprikash... and they weren't just being polite.  Alejandro's dad and Ezra both had second helpings.  I asked Ezra if I should make it again sometime, and he said "sí".  Of course, before I leave Mexico I will have to make Ezra's two favorites... spaghetti and meatballs, and "chilaquiles".

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