Thursday, January 16, 2020

Walking for Tacos

I always keep a list of new places to eat in Mexico City.  One of the restaurants on my list was a "taquería" called Orinoco. Yesterday afternoon I decided to go there.  It is located about two miles from my apartment, a straight shot up Insurgentes Avenue.  Rather than taking the Metrobus, I figured that I should burn a few calories.  So I walked.  My walk turned out to be a bit of an obstacle course because they are redoing the sidewalks along Insurgentes in the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods.  In some places pedestrians are directed into a cordoned section of the avenue.

After a forty minute walk, I arrived at Orinoco.  Their amusing logo is a dead cow wrapped in a tortilla.  

The place is not fancy.  You place your order at the entrance, you are given a number, and you go sit down at a table.  Fortunately it was late afternoon after the lunch rush.  I read that there are times when the place is very crowded.

There is not a very large selection on the menu.  You can order a taco of beef ("res"), pork from the spit ("trompo") or pork rinds ("chicarrón").  I ordered one of their special, large, grilled beef tacos, and an "agua fresca"... a flavored water.  Accompanying the taco were roasted potatoes and grilled onions.

Their selection may not be big, but my taco was definitely delicious.  I might not walk two miles again for one of their tacos, but if I am in the neighborhood, I would return.

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