Friday, February 7, 2020

A Bit Less of a Dinosaur

I am proud to admit that I am a dinosaur.  I do not have a smart phone.  At home I have a small "TracFone" that I use for emergencies or calling long distance.  I don't even know what my phone number is, and it is never turned on except when I am using it.  I have a similar cheapo cell phone that Alejandro gave me to use in case of emergency when I am down here in Mexico.  When I see people constantly on their smart phones, talking or messaging or following the latest social media, I think the human race is becoming a bunch of zombies oblivious to the world around them.  And then there are these people with things sticking out of their ears.  They remind me of the Borg from Star Trek. 

I don't belong to Facebook... the more I hear about that outfit, the less I like it.  I don't "Twitter" or "Instagram".   I don't have a "Kindle"... I like the feel of a book in my hands.  I rarely buy anything online... I like to see a product before I purchase it.  Really it is quite amazing that this dinosaur should actually have a blog!

The TV in the apartment that I rent in Mexico City does not have cable (or even an antenna).  It is connected to a DVD player, and sometimes I will watch movies with that.  But most of the time when I am here by myself in the apartment at night, I will work on my blog for a while, and then I will read before going to bed. 

Well, my friend Alejandro is trying to drag me into the 21st century.  He brought some electronic gadget to the apartment which he said would turn my TV into a "smart TV".  I really didn't think that it was going to work, but it did.  The TV is now connected to the internet.  Alejandro signed in to his Netflix account, and now I can watch streaming Netflix movies and series.

I have already watched two episodes of "The Crown - Season 3".  I subscribe to Netflix back home, but I get discs delivered to my house rather than paying for streaming.  I have seen the first two seasons of "The Crown", but season three has not yet come out on disc.  Well, I guess that instead of reading before bedtime, I will be watching TV for the remainder of this trip.

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