Sunday, February 2, 2020

A Yummy Breakfast

After the little birthday party for Alejandro's dad on Wednesday, I spent the night at their house.  The next morning Alejandro fixed an especially good breakfast.  Usually he prepares eggs or "quesadillas" (a folded tortilla filled with melted cheese) or "molletes" (sliced rolls covered with "frijoles" and cheese).  However Thursday's breakfast featured the fruits and vegetables that he had purchased on a trip to the neighborhood "tianguis" the day before 

We started with a fruit plate of banana and papaya.  To drink, Alejandro made a "licuado" (similar to our smoothies) from "mamey", a delicious tropical fruit which is unknown back home.


Then we had "frijoles refritos" (refried beans) with a slice of Manchego cheese melted on top, and "rajas" (strips of poblano peppers sauteed with onions).  We put the beans and peppers into warm corn tortillas to make tasty tacos.

Thanks for a great breakfast, Alejandro!

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