Monday, February 24, 2020

Back Home

I have been back home in Ohio for several days now.  My flight last Thursday from Houston to Cleveland went smoothly... although it was more crowded.  (I didn't luck out and have an empty seat next to me as I did on the Mexico City - Houston flight.)  The United agent at the gate announced that there was limited space in the overhead bins... room for only 50 bags.  I was in group two to board the plane.  There was a very long line for group one (when did group one become more than just first class??), and I was nervously counting how many people had carry-ons.  But I was worrying for nothing.  There was a space in the bin right above my seat.  

The plane landed in Cleveland about twenty minutes ahead of schedule.  I think that United pads their flight times so as to improve their "on-time" status, but that's OK with me.

I was happy to see that even though the temperature was quite chilly, there was no snow on the ground.  The last couple days have been warmer than normal with a high today of 50 F.  However, I have heard that March is supposed to be colder than normal.  So much for missing out on the lion's share of winter.

The upcoming weeks are going to be very busy because in early April I will fly back to Mexico.  There are lots of things to take care of before I head south once again.

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