Thursday, February 6, 2020

Dressing and Blessing

February 2nd is the feast day of Candelaria (known in English as Candlemas).  In previous years I have written about this celebration and how that many Mexicans have a doll-like figure of the baby Jesus (known as "el Niño Dios") which they dress in a new outfit for Candelaria. 

We were still in El Oro on February 2nd, and we saw quite a few stalls selling clothes for those last minute shoppers who had still not bought something new for their "Niño Dios" to wear.


The baby Jesus dolls, in their new attire, are taken to church to be blessed.  We stood outside of the Church of Santa María de Guadalupe before the beginning of mass, and watched the steady stream of people arriving with their "Niño Dios".  Some carried the dolls in their arms like babies, others had baskets or cradles, some had the doll seated in a chair.

By the time mass had begun there was standing room only.

From what I have read, the observance of "Candelaria" in this manner is something that is unique to Mexico.

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