Saturday, February 1, 2020

Remembering and Celebrating

Two years ago, on January 28th, Alejandro's mother passed away.  His mom, María Luisa, was a sweet, wonderful person, and it was a very sad time for all of us.  Alejandro was unable to schedule a mass in her memory on the anniversary of her death, so it was held on Wednesday, January 29th.  In the afternoon, I took the Metrobus from my apartment to Alejandro's  family's house, so that I could attend.

The mass was held in the nearby parish church at 6:00 P.M.

In addition to Alejandro, his sister, his father and his nephew, one of María Luisa's sisters was there along with her husband, one of their sons and his wife.

January 29th also happens to be the birthday of Alejandro's father, Pedro.  After mass, we all went back to the house, and we had small party.  This was Pedro's eightieth birthday.

Alejandro had bought a cake, and we all sang the traditional birthday song, "Las mañanitas".  Pedro took the obligatory "mordida" (bite) from his cake, with a bit of pushing from his grandson.  

Pedro enjoyed the low-key celebration.  It surely helped him get through the sad memories of a difficult time.

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