Saturday, February 15, 2020

Walking Around Roma

In a little more than a century the Mexico City neighborhood of Roma has gone from being one of the city's most elite districts, to falling into decline, to becoming a trendy center for dining and nightlife.

When I was in Roma last Wednesday I walked around for a couple hours and took pictures of some of the architecture that remains from the neighborhood's glory days when grand houses in colonial or art deco style lined its streets.  Here is a sampling of a few architectural gems in varying states of repair...

These colorfully painted houses remind me of the historic center of Mérida, Yucatán.

Unfortunately, even in this gentrifying neighborhood, there are old houses that are falling into decay.

Beautiful stained glass windows on a home that has seen better days.

One has to wonder if such buildings will eventually be razed and replaced with the modern apartment buildings that are springing up in the neighborhood. 

Or will they be protected from the wrecker's ball due to their historic status?

Many of the old buildings are seeing a second life.

This art deco building is in the process of being renovated, and divided into apartments.
The sign says, "Last apartments on sale".

At least the façade of this art deco structure was saved.
When you pass through the door you are in an outdoor garden center.

It's not surprising in this hub of fine dining that many of the old houses have been reincarnated as restaurants.

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